Phillip Murray House 

308 Units, 6300 OLD YORK Rd, Philadelphia, PA

Phillip Murray House contains one 14-story apartment buildings with 308 rental dwelling units (299 with a HAP contract) and a rental management office. At closing, the HAP contract will be renewed for a 20 year term, subject to Federal appropriations. 

The property consists of one parcel of land, on the northwest corner of Stenton Avenue and Old York Road in Philadelphia. The neighborhood is predominantly residential, and served by nearby public transportation. 

The complex is made up of 182 efficiency units and 126 one-bedroom units. one of the one bedroom units is currently used as a leasing and management office. 

Four Freedoms Apartments and Phillip Murray House are two multifamily apartment projects located in Philadelphia, PA (shown on map below). Vitus, Inc. proposes to acquire and rehabilitate the property with tenants in place. 

It is important to preserve Four Freedoms and Phillip Murray Apartments as quality, affordable housing. The property has a wait list and minimal vacancy. The redevelopment and large scale improvements will not only benefit the current residents, but the surrounding neighborhood as well. The impact on the neighborhood will be minimal as there is no new construction involved.